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Clinical Network Services (CNS) is an Australian, New Zealand and UK based service group, offering full and integrated drug development consultancy to small – medium sized Biotech companies from inception through to end of phase II clinical trial programs. CNS offers a unique service that brings together BioDesk; an intelligent product development and regulatory planning service, with our highly experienced regional clinical operations and data management teams.

BioDesk is a team of in-house scientists and commercial drug development experts, who work closely with our clients from the earliest of planning stages. Together they create and manage Drug Development Plans, including all stages of pre-clinical/CMC programs that embrace global regulatory strategies whilst leveraging our unique regional advantage.

Australia and New Zealand have an outstanding product development timeline advantage due to our access to a pragmatic regulatory environment that makes it possible to add value to the global regulatory dossier and enter the clinic quickly, without the need for prior approval from another regulatory agency. Our clients have often established initial proof-of-concept quickly, and have enjoyed a time(cost) saving when compared to the more resource-intensive strategy of applying for an IND or CTA.

CNS has worked with clients whose cumulative acquisition price exceeds US$16.5billion; many of these clients initially fast-tracked their programs by running their phase 1 & 2 studies in Australia and New Zealand.

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Illetrop commercialises products and services in diverse fields including in oncology, inflammatory diseases, primary cells and antibodies.


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