Phynova Group United Kingdom

Phynova is an innovative life sciences company based in Oxford with research facilities in China that uses a plant chemistry platform to develop patented actives for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. Drug candidates and functional ingredients under development target joint pain and inflammation, post-operative ileus (POI), MRSA, hepatitis C, glucose control and hyperpigmentation and melanin production.

Source: Partnering360 (29/10/2014)

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Mr Ian Scoular
Director of Business Development 
Mr Robert Miller

Providion Ltd United Kingdom

As the world’s largest independent provider of innovative maintenance and support solutions for LC-MS and GC-MS instruments, Providion specialise in servicing Waters, Micromass, AB Sciex, Agilent & Thermo equipment for the drug discovery and manufacturing, biotechnology, food and environmental safety, and clinical research sectors.

Our team of product experts deliver everything from preventative maintenance visits to full service contracts. With comprehensive pre-owned instrument packages, free technical support, quality spare parts and rapid response to instrument breakdowns, we are proud to support over 450 satisfied customers worldwide!

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mass spectrometer, MS repair, instrument sales
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Mrs Joanne Idowu
Mrs sarah schofield lord
Operations Manager