Cambridge Bioscience United Kingdom

Cambridge Bioscience is a well established, leading European distributor of life science products bringing new and exciting technologies to researchers. Working with over forty specialist suppliers around the world, we offer an innovative, extensive and diverse range of over 450,000 products, services and instruments supporting research in the areas of drug discovery, regenerative medicine, cell culture and much more.

The products and services Cambridge Bioscience offers includes:
·         Ion Channel, GPCR & Kinase Profiling Services
·         Primary screening  & Secondary Drug Profiling Services
·         Cardiac Safety Assessment
·         Ion Channel & GPCR Cell Lines
·         Human Tissues, TMAs & Biofluids
·         Primary Cells & Cell Culture Technologies

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Cambridge Bioscience
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United Kingdom
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Tel: +44 (0)1223 316 855
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Dr Vashu Pamnani
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Canbex Therapeutics United Kingdom

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Dr Keith Powell
Dr Jesse Schulman

Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science United Kingdom

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPES) at the University of Bradford combines expertise in pharmaceutics, engineering and solid state chemistry to provide innovative and differentiated contract research offerings and novel technologies to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Centre is developing IP for technologies in the areas of:

  • Effervescent formulations
  • Abuse Resistant Extended Release systems
  • Novel Microneedles
  • Novel Micronisation technology for inhaled products
  • Solvent Free Extrusion processing-co-crystals, stable metastable polymorphs

We are seeking pharmaceutical partners to develop products with our technologies.

We are experts in preclinical formulation development covering:

Formulation of poorly soluble drugs-amorphous forms, nanoparticles, co-crystals, micelles, liposomes and SCF crystallization.

Processes for amorphous forms- Hot melt extrusion, spray drying, injection and micro moulding.

Transdermal drug delivery systems- topical formulation, patches, Lypotropic Liquid Crystal systems, microneedles and Franz cell analysis.

Inhaled formulations - conventional and novel micronisation techniques, full formulation development and analytical testing service for DPI, pMDI and nebulised systems.

Developing sustained and controlled release solid dosage formulation technologies.

Preformulation analysis- We offer a range of analytical techniques and expertise to compliment pharmaceutical development including uHPLC, LCMSMS, SEM, XRD, USP4 Dissolution services, Surface Energy Analysis, particle sizing, DVS, thermal analysis, Raman microscopy.

CPES offers industrial partners excellent academic expertise, a proven problem solving approach and world-class facilities with an excellent project delivery record.

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Dr Jason Jones
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Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global clinical CRO offering specialized services in all phases of oncology, hematology and a range of other therapeutic areas, together with global sourcing and functional service provider (FSP) solutions. Chiltern’s 2,100 people work in more than 40 countries and offer expertise, engagement and tailored, responsive solutions to meet the demands of biotech and pharmaceutical partners of all sizes.


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Ms Juliette Almond
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Clinical Network Services (UK) Ltd United Kingdom

Clinical Network Services (CNS) is an Australian, New Zealand and UK based service group, offering full and integrated drug development consultancy to small – medium sized Biotech companies from inception through to end of phase II clinical trial programs. CNS offers a unique service that brings together BioDesk; an intelligent product development and regulatory planning service, with our highly experienced regional clinical operations and data management teams.

BioDesk is a team of in-house scientists and commercial drug development experts, who work closely with our clients from the earliest of planning stages. Together they create and manage Drug Development Plans, including all stages of pre-clinical/CMC programs that embrace global regulatory strategies whilst leveraging our unique regional advantage.

Australia and New Zealand have an outstanding product development timeline advantage due to our access to a pragmatic regulatory environment that makes it possible to add value to the global regulatory dossier and enter the clinic quickly, without the need for prior approval from another regulatory agency. Our clients have often established initial proof-of-concept quickly, and have enjoyed a time(cost) saving when compared to the more resource-intensive strategy of applying for an IND or CTA.

CNS has worked with clients whose cumulative acquisition price exceeds US$16.5billion; many of these clients initially fast-tracked their programs by running their phase 1 & 2 studies in Australia and New Zealand.

Further information on CNS can be found at

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Mr Paul Cronin
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Crescendo Biologics Ltd

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Dr Michael Romanos

Critical Pharmaceuticals United Kingdom

Critical Pharmaceuticals is a privately funded clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing improved versions of marketed biologic drugs using it’s patented drug delivery platform technologies.

The company’s lead products are an intranasal human growth hormone product, targeted at a $3.1bn market, and CP046 intranasal teriparatide product for the treatment of osteoporosis, a $1.2bn market. The development pathway for both programs is clear and low risk as it involves drugs with well established efficacy and toxicity, and previous exposure to man in a successful Phase I clinical trials.

Critical Pharmaceuticals patented CriticalMix™ and CriticalSorb™ technology platforms are applicable to the large and fast growing market of biological drugs. The technology has been validated in collaboration with other biopharmaceutical companies with two partner programs poised to enter clinical development.

The products and platform technology has extensive IP protection, including granted US patents.

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Dr Gareth King