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The Randox Group is a global force in the clinical diagnostics, life sciences, pharma services and forensic toxicology industries. Through innovation and focus, Randox has now grown to incorporate 8 divisions, two of which are joining you at Bio-Europe; Randox Lifesciences and Randox Pharma Services.

Randox Life Sciences is a recognised primary manufacturer of high-quality, cost effective human recombinant proteins and antibodies targeting a broad range of small and large molecules such as drugs of abuse, steroids, hormones and protein biomarkers. At Bio-Europe we are presenting our newest product offering, camelid Single Domain Antibodies, which due to their very small size, high stability and low immunogenicty can be used in many therapeutic and diagnostic applications including molecular imaging, as receptor/enzyme antagonists, as intrabodies and in the generation of bispecific/multivalent scaffolds and constructs. We are seeking partners and clients interested in engaging with Randox as their chosen supplier of diagnostic, therapeutic and research proteins and antibodies to facilitate and fast track their commercial requirements.

Randox Pharma Services supplies the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies with an extensive range of clinical diagnostic solutions and biomarker development. This includes multiplexed protein and nucleic acid arrays, clinical chemistry assays, quality control materials and the development of companion diagnostics. As a primary IVD manufacturer with a full service including; assay development, instrumentation, quality assurance and regulatory affairs we can take a candidate biomarker from assay development to companion diagnostic PMA submission and global distribution in a timely and cost effective manner.

source: Partnering360 (29/10/2014)

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