Novozymes Biopharma UK United Kingdom

Novozymes Biopharma develops and manufactures sustainable, safe, biological based ingredients and technologies to provide pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers the knowledge-based solutions needed to address the challenges in developing innovative, safer, and more consistent final products. The company's large-scale manufacturing facilities worldwide are run to cGMP Q7 quality standards to ensure that customers receive the highest level of product quality and consistency, as well as the security of long-term supply. Novozymes’ customer-integrated approach combines the company’s scientific know-how and the specific needs of customers to deliver improved products and performance. By combining Novozymes’ unique knowledge around our biological solutions such as recombinant albuminhalf-life extension and hyaluronic acid with the specific application knowledge of our customers, we work with companies to deliver improved performance and safety for next generation of medical device and pharmaceutical products.

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drug delivery
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Dr Dave Mead
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Ms Ann Gidner
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One Nucleus United Kingdom

About One Nucleus

Established in May 2010, One Nucleus is the result of the merger of ERBI and London Biotechnology Network. One Nucleus is a not-for-profit membership organisation for international life science and healthcare companies and the largest of its kind in Europe. The company is based in Cambridge UK and London, at the heart of Europe's largest cluster. The 470 members include pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies and associated technical and commercial Service Providers.

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Life science, membership, commercial, Service, Providers
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Mr Tony Jones
Director, Business Development 

Phynova Group United Kingdom

Phynova is an innovative life sciences company based in Oxford with research facilities in China that uses a plant chemistry platform to develop patented actives for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. Drug candidates and functional ingredients under development target joint pain and inflammation, post-operative ileus (POI), MRSA, hepatitis C, glucose control and hyperpigmentation and melanin production.

Source: Partnering360 (29/10/2014)

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Mr Ian Scoular
Director of Business Development 
Mr Robert Miller

Providion Ltd United Kingdom

As the world’s largest independent provider of innovative maintenance and support solutions for LC-MS and GC-MS instruments, Providion specialise in servicing Waters, Micromass, AB Sciex, Agilent & Thermo equipment for the drug discovery and manufacturing, biotechnology, food and environmental safety, and clinical research sectors.

Our team of product experts deliver everything from preventative maintenance visits to full service contracts. With comprehensive pre-owned instrument packages, free technical support, quality spare parts and rapid response to instrument breakdowns, we are proud to support over 450 satisfied customers worldwide!

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mass spectrometer, MS repair, instrument sales
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Mrs Joanne Idowu
Mrs sarah schofield lord
Operations Manager 

Quay Pharmaceuticals United Kingdom

Quay Pharmaceuticals is experienced in providing a comprehensive out-sourcing service for formulation and analytical development with subsequent clinical trials manufacturing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies world-wide.

Working as a dedicated, pro-active part of your team we apply strong project management and technical expertise to take products quickly and cost effectively from late stage pre clinical through to the end of phase II clinical trials.

Quay Pharma has vast expertise in dosage form design and development and with Professor Mike Rubinstein (CEO) and Professor John Collett (CSO), Quay Pharma has built a reputation for specialising in the formulation of API’s that exhibit poor solubility and bio-availability and those which require modified or controlled release. This has resulted in many Quay Pharma clients successfully licensing products on to large, global pharmaceutical companies.

From MHRA licensed and FDA registered facilities the company provides;

•             pre-clinical to commercial formulation development

•             novel drug delivery system design

•             analytical – transfer or method development and validation

•             ICH stability testing

•             clinical trial manufacture in class 100,000 (ISO 8) environment

o             conventional, coated and controlled release tablets and capsules

o             powder, liquid / semi-solid fill capsules

o             liquid /semi solid formulations (e.g. nasal and oral solutions, creams)

o             pellets / spheroids and extrudates

o             medical devices

•             packing and labelling

•             full QC testing services

•             QP certification and importation of investigational medicinal products from outside the EU.

•             CMC’s and regulatory document support for product registration

Quay Pharma holds a Manufacturing Authorisation from the MHRA for the manufacture and testing of investigational medicinal products (IMP’s), as specified by the EU Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC) and also possesses a “Specials” licence.

For further information contact:

Michael Kruidenier

European Business Development Manager

Telephone: +44 (0) 1244 837 004


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Mr Michael Kruidenier
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Miss Maireadh Pedersen
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Randox Laboratories United Arab Emirates

The Randox Group is a global force in the clinical diagnostics, life sciences, pharma services and forensic toxicology industries. Through innovation and focus, Randox has now grown to incorporate 8 divisions, two of which are joining you at Bio-Europe; Randox Lifesciences and Randox Pharma Services.

Randox Life Sciences is a recognised primary manufacturer of high-quality, cost effective human recombinant proteins and antibodies targeting a broad range of small and large molecules such as drugs of abuse, steroids, hormones and protein biomarkers. At Bio-Europe we are presenting our newest product offering, camelid Single Domain Antibodies, which due to their very small size, high stability and low immunogenicty can be used in many therapeutic and diagnostic applications including molecular imaging, as receptor/enzyme antagonists, as intrabodies and in the generation of bispecific/multivalent scaffolds and constructs. We are seeking partners and clients interested in engaging with Randox as their chosen supplier of diagnostic, therapeutic and research proteins and antibodies to facilitate and fast track their commercial requirements.

Randox Pharma Services supplies the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies with an extensive range of clinical diagnostic solutions and biomarker development. This includes multiplexed protein and nucleic acid arrays, clinical chemistry assays, quality control materials and the development of companion diagnostics. As a primary IVD manufacturer with a full service including; assay development, instrumentation, quality assurance and regulatory affairs we can take a candidate biomarker from assay development to companion diagnostic PMA submission and global distribution in a timely and cost effective manner.

source: Partnering360 (29/10/2014)

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Ms Amy Best
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Mr Marshall Dunlop
R&D Scientist 

Selcia Limited United Kingdom

Selcia Limited is leading provider of contract research services in drug discovery and 14C radiolabelling, with a GLP analytical laboratory, in Ongar, Essex, UK.

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Mr Dave Roberts
BD Director Radiochemistry 

UK BioIndustry Association (BIA)

Established in 1989, the BIA (BioIndustry Association) exists to encourage and promote a financially sound and thriving bioscience sector within the UK economy and concentrates its efforts on emerging enterprise and the related interests of companies with whom such enterprise trades.

With a wide range of members, the BIA supports a wide range of sectors, majoring on the human health benefits of the technology and represents the interests of these innovative companies to a broad section of stakeholders from patient groups to politicians, advancing its members interests both within the UK and internationally to create a healthy UK bioscience sector which benefits society.

Source: Partnering360 (29/10/2014)

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trade organisation
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Dr Steve Bates