Atlantic Healthcare plc United Kingdom

Atlantic is an emerging UK biopharmaceutical company that in-licenses or acquires on a global or major regional basis niche late stage clinical development or heritage marketed products that will be prescribed by specialist hospital physicians.  Atlantic is seeking ex-US licensees for Alicaforsen, its Phase 3 ready anti-inflammatory antisense oligonucleotide indicated for pouchitis (orphan disease) and for active distal colitis.

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Mr Simon Kerr
Mr Simon Kerr
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Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science United Kingdom

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPES) at the University of Bradford combines expertise in pharmaceutics, engineering and solid state chemistry to provide innovative and differentiated contract research offerings and novel technologies to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Centre is developing IP for technologies in the areas of:

  • Effervescent formulations
  • Abuse Resistant Extended Release systems
  • Novel Microneedles
  • Novel Micronisation technology for inhaled products
  • Solvent Free Extrusion processing-co-crystals, stable metastable polymorphs

We are seeking pharmaceutical partners to develop products with our technologies.

We are experts in preclinical formulation development covering:

Formulation of poorly soluble drugs-amorphous forms, nanoparticles, co-crystals, micelles, liposomes and SCF crystallization.

Processes for amorphous forms- Hot melt extrusion, spray drying, injection and micro moulding.

Transdermal drug delivery systems- topical formulation, patches, Lypotropic Liquid Crystal systems, microneedles and Franz cell analysis.

Inhaled formulations - conventional and novel micronisation techniques, full formulation development and analytical testing service for DPI, pMDI and nebulised systems.

Developing sustained and controlled release solid dosage formulation technologies.

Preformulation analysis- We offer a range of analytical techniques and expertise to compliment pharmaceutical development including uHPLC, LCMSMS, SEM, XRD, USP4 Dissolution services, Surface Energy Analysis, particle sizing, DVS, thermal analysis, Raman microscopy.

CPES offers industrial partners excellent academic expertise, a proven problem solving approach and world-class facilities with an excellent project delivery record.

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Dr Jason Jones
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Moredun Scientific

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Contract research and testing organisation
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Ms Rhona Macdonald
Head of Marketing